How To Fight an Unfair Protective Order

Protective orders are meant to be a safety precaution for victims of abuse, stalking, or other dangerous situations. Unfortunately, they aren’t always used for that. On occasion, someone chooses to take out an order of protection even if they don’t truly need one. If you are dealing with a jealous ex, a former friend, or someone else who has an unfair protective order against you, there are steps you can take to fight it.

Gather Any Evidence

Most of the time, protective order cases are situations of “he said, she said.” However, if you do have evidence that the accusations against you are false, bring what you can to the court date. For example, if someone claims you are harassing them via the phone, bringing your phone bill can prove you didn’t call them. When you do bring documents to the courtroom, bring at least three copies. You should have one, the person you’re going to court against, and the judge should all have one.

Show Up to Court

The easiest way to ensure someone keeps their protection order against you is to not show up at court. Hiring an attorney to help you fight a protective order Fairfax and showing up to your court date is essential. It is also important to read the papers you were served and ask your attorney to help you file a response. If you don’t, the court may not consider your arguments during the hearing.

Obey the Protective Order

Always adhere to the guidelines in the protection order before your hearing. Making contact with someone listed in the restraining order before your hearing will likely result in criminal charges being fired and is likely to result in a permanent restraining order. Keep in mind that you may need to adhere to special guidelines for the duration of the protection, such as forfeiting firearms to law enforcement.

If someone has taken out a protection order against you, it is important to know your rights and fight the order. By hiring an attorney, you can make the best decisions to protect yourself and your reputation.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

Sustaining injuries while at your workplace can be overwhelming. Both the short and long term impact of injuries may affect your finances significantly. Your mental health and physical health may suffer too. While worker’s compensation is available to wounded employees, unscrupulous insurance companies don’t like paying out. Therefore, you should approach a worker’s compensation claim diligently.

Report the Incident Immediately

The first step after suffering an injury is to report it. Every country has put in place some restrictions on how to do it. If you miss the deadline, you may never get compensation. That is why you should contact your workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon for guidance.

Seek Medical Treatment

Do not wait for long before going to a medical facility. Delaying treatment might result in more severe and permanent injuries. The insurer can use delayed therapy as evidence that you did not suffer harm when and where you claim to have. While at it, keep every medical document you receive because it will help strengthen the claim.

Beware Of Private Investigators

If your employer or their insurance company wants to question your credibility, they might hire a private investigator to follow you. The aim is to catch you doing anything that contradicts the claim so that they evade paying the full amount. Some go to the extent of placing surveillance cameras at your doorstep. If you think someone is following you, consult an attorney immediately.

Attend All Legal Proceedings

The aggrieved party should attend every court date or statutory meeting. If you fail to appear, you risk losing some or all of your benefits. In case you cannot show up with a valid reason, inform your lawyer in advance.

Do not lose your workers’ compensation claim or get part of what you deserve. All you need to do is to follow the tips above. In everything, remember that you should never settle for less.


Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury claims arise when an individual gets hurt due to negligence caused by another party. These lawsuits cause injuries that need medical attention, time off work or sometimes death. The several cases of personal injuries keep personal injury lawyers busy representing their clients. You are entitled to compensation for damages or any loss resulting from the incidence. Therefore, it pays to know some common type of personal injury cases so that you know when to engage a lawyer to help in getting your compensation.

Dog Bite Claims

Dog bite claims are among the leading causes of personal injury lawsuits. You are entitled to compensation if you get bitten by a dog in the neighbourhood. The owner of the dog is liable for any injuries caused. But, you should work with the help of a personal injury lawyer hernando county FL to represent you because the animal owner might argue that you were trespassing or you provoked the dog.

Medical Malpractice Case

Quite a large number of people lose their lives as a result of medical errors by medical practitioners. You can file a medical malpractice claim when a doctor makes a medical error that causes another health complication or death. But, you need a personal injury lawyer because medical malpractice cases can be complicated.

Slip and Fall

A significant number of people sustain injuries from a slip and fall accident in their workplaces. You may sustain injuries on your arms and legs, back, shoulder, head or neck. Slip and fall cases can also happen in malls due to the negligence of the management. Industries prone to these cases include warehousing, manufacturing and construction. You might want to speak to a lawyer if you are involved in a slip and fall accident.

Hiring a personal injury attorney for a personal injury lawsuit increases your chances of getting a fair settlement. Contact a lawyer who specializes in the type of specific personal injury lawsuit. Besides, you will rarely pay a personal injury lawyer attorney fees until you get your settlement.