Avoid Driving Dangers This Winter With These 3 Tips

Even though the new year has started, you will still have to deal with a few months of winter left. These harsh conditions can make car travel difficult. If you are not careful, you might get in an accident or come unprepared during an emergency. Avoid paying for a car accident lawyer baltimore md or endangering your wellbeing by following safe driving tips.

Control Speed and Acceleration

The snow, ice and icy water on the roads can lead to friction loss. As the friction between the tires and the road determines both your speed and stopping distance, it is important to control these factors as much as you can. To compensate for the loss, keep the speed low and accelerate and decelerate slowly. You will have greater vehicle control and prevent potential collisions.

Bring an Emergency Kit

If you are traveling during dangerous conditions, prepare. Besides basic tasks, like investigating road conditions and keeping the tires inflated, bring emergency supplies with you.

  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • Food and water
  • Necessary medications
  • First aid kit
  • Window scraper
  • Flashlight

Car crashes and breakdowns can occur at any point and leave you vulnerable to harsh conditions. While it might seem excessive to prepare this much, it can also save your life in case of an unfortunate incident.

Stay Home Whenever Possible

The best preventative strategy against snow and icy roads is to simply stay at home. Few things are worth risking your life and everyone else’s by attempting to drive through dangerous weather. Call in late for work or reschedule that meeting with the car mechanic if there is a severe snowstorm. Unless it is urgent, staying inside is the best action against car accidents and emergencies.

Winter can be unpredictable and dangerous even halfway through the season. Do not take a risk and follow safe driving advice to reduce expenses and keep drivers like yourself safe from danger.


Most Common Routes To Divorce

Breaking up is hard to do, and when two people are married, the process for becoming single again takes more than just one moving out. A legal divorce is the only way to restore you to single status in the eyes of the law (and the IRS). The roads to divorce may take many twists and turns, but you still must choose one to follow. Without getting a divorce, you may not be able to get remarried again in the future. Familiarize yourself with the most common types of divorce proceedings.


If your marriage resulted in no children and you and your spouse can agree on property division, a simplified divorce filing may work. During this proceeding, there are few requirements except for financial affidavits and how the spouses break up the property and money. Depending on where you live, you may be able to go through this process without the help of an attorney. The clerk of court usually has all the forms and paperwork for this type of divorce.


A divorce which the parties agree upon going through with, and which includes children, may go through an uncontested divorce Tampa. Much like the simplified action, the parties must agree on the terms of property division and provide appropriate documents to the court. However, when there are children from the marriage, the spouses must also agree on and provide documentation as to child support and parenting time. It may be helpful to have an attorney help with this type of proceeding.


The most normal course for a divorce to take is the contested route. This doesn’t mean one spouse is necessarily fighting to stay married, but rather that the parties cannot agree on the terms of the settlement agreement. This type of divorce usually involves children and issues like alimony and asset division. The parties usually each engage an attorney to help them get through the legal system.

Divorce may take time, patience and compromise to go through. The way your marriage ends may depend on how the spouses reached this point.


From Billiards to Arrest – And Beyond

It all started with a game of billiards at your local pub. When you won a match, someone else bought a round of drinks – and you are great at billiards, so there were quite a few drinks during the evening. After consuming one or two too many beers, you must have headed home and climbed onto your next-door neighbor’s house. You must have also tried to shimmy down the chimney because that is where the police found you yelling about being stuck. After the fire department extracted you from the tight space, you were immediately arrested and on your way to jail. So, what can you expect next?


After your arrest, Miranda rights, and initial questioning, you will probably find yourself placed in an area to sleep off the alcohol in your system. If this is your first arrest, you may also have your picture and fingerprints taken. You will then be asked to wait until you can meet with the judge.


There are typically three ways you can be released after your arrest. First, you can pay the Lehigh County bail bonds company the bail amount ordered by the court. Second, you can be given a notice about when to appear for a hearing, and then released. Third, you can be deemed a nuisance, and you can be released into the custody of a family member that assumes responsibility for you.


Make sure you pay attention to your hearing date and time because missing the meeting can make sure you wind up back in jail with no second chance for release. If your family paid money for your bail, they could also forfeit the total amount if you fail to make your scheduled appearance.

The legal system can be a complicated place, and it is always best to try and avoid a situation that could get you arrested. If you do find yourself under arrest, you may want to contact an attorney and keep the above three points in mind.