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Challenges Facing Digital And Technology Businesses


Technology and internet law is a vast and complex subject, and the challenges in this field of legislation are exacerbated by the fast-pace of technological change.

This is an area of law that impacts on many businesses as internet presence through e-commerce, websites, social media etc. becomes so integral to how all businesses operate.

Technology and internet solicitors can help businesses of all sizes with compliance, protection against claims and, when necessary, pursuing legal action.

What is internet law concerned with?

As you would imagine with something as pervasive as the internet, the areas of law that are concerned with its use are broad and numerous and encompass:

  • E-commerce
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Buying and selling websites
  • Web development
  • Intellectual property
  • Internet defamation
  • Domain name matters
  • Online security
  • Copyright and trademarks
  • Consumer protection
  • Accessibility
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Licensing, protection and enforcement

The challenges of technology and internet law

Businesses must keep pace with changes in technology to ensure business success, but keeping abreast of the law also presents challenges:

  • Laws governing the internet are not solely domestic; each country will have its own specific laws relating to the internet and technology. To ensure compliance, you will need to be aware of these if you have a presence abroad, even if you aren’t based in that country.
  • Businesses that operate online are not only subject to internet law but are also governed by laws applied to traditional businesses, so compliance with these is also essential.
  • Understanding internet law is not enough to be able to plan effectively for the future and to protect a business proactively. Understanding technology is also essential to fully comprehend how it is impacted by the law.
  • Changing technologies can create new legal issues, and it is important to be able to understand how these affect each other.
  • Breaches in data, poor e-commerce experience, noncompliance can all adversely affect a company’s public relations and impact brand. Businesses often need support to navigate these issues.

Tough new measures on content

In 2019 the Government announced the Online Harms White Paper with the intention of introducing tough new measures requiring companies to be more stringent about the content being shared on their platforms. Businesses should expect to see a continuing evolution of law and must be prepared to adjust their practices accordingly.

GSC Solicitors: specialists in technology and internet law

Our specialist team at London solicitors GSC has extensive knowledge of technology and internet law and e-business legal matters in the technology and IT sector. This enables them to provide detailed advice in a wide range of sectors, such as virtual reality, cloud computing, e-commerce, or mobile tech.

This comprehensive approach enables us to support businesses as they grow and develop. Building in-depth knowledge of a client’s product strategy also allows us to help them stay proactive in addressing any changes in legal requirements and to avoid getting derailed by legal matters.

GSC Solicitors has built up expertise in a wide range of sectors in commercial law. We combine innovation and market knowledge with a personal, client-focused approach to deliver the highest professional standards. To find out how we can help you, contact GSC Solicitors today.


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