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The importance of increase your business


You can increase your business with augmented reality If you’ve never heard of augmented reality, you can’t really understand how much your business can change through this modern technology. Augmented reality, also called AR or Augmented Reality in English, is a technology that allows you to add an information layer to the observed reality. It is no coincidence that we often see augmented reality applications in industry, or at least in those sectors that have understood how to exploit such an innovative mechanism. Just be careful not to confuse it with virtual reality, as the latter replaces the observable reality with systems such as viewers and headphones.


Augmented reality has very different applications, it can be used in video games, it is impossible to forget the hype unleashed by Pokemon GO, certainly the most popular augmented reality game in the world, in which you can move around the map of your city to find and then capture pocket monsters; application that has increased the value of Nintendo’s shares by more than 50% at the time of release. Another field of use is that of improving user experience in activities such as bars, restaurants and stores of various kinds, but also in events, fairs and in the city landscape.

Thanks to this technology it is possible to give users advice on what to do next and also to collect information on their behavioral habits. If you then deal with events or artistic monuments and museums, the AR will be even more ideal to manage your business almost with your eyes closed. Let’s take a typical example of an art museum. Here, the user moving through space and framing an area of ​​interest, in this case a painting, can see a “new layer” of this work, for example information on the restoration and the state of the work before it took place.


This technology also has outlets in marketing and advertising, high-sounding brands such as Lego and Toyota have already begun to use it, not only them, but also great music artists and even magazines. You might think that implementing such a solution can be extremely expensive and complex, but in reality only two elements are needed: an idea and an app to implement it.


Having access to augmented reality means having an app or software available, and some type of device on which to install it. The easiest way to be able to use this technology is to take advantage of smartphones, in fact these devices contain everything you need. This is because they are equipped with a camera to capture visible reality, a GPS and a compass to communicate the position and direction in which you are looking to the application, a screen on which to reproduce reality in real time with an overlapping information layer. Beyond that you will therefore only need a mobile app developed ad hoc. All that remains is to inquire about it to start using this opportunity in your company in order to increase your business and provide your customers with unprecedented services.


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