Cleaning The Carpet

How to Make Carpet Cleaning Fluid

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Many of the products that you can buy on store shelves are really not all that complicated to create. It’s fairly likely that you wouldn’t really need to buy any expensive raw materials either. While it is more or less impossible to manufacture something as complex as a smartphone in the comfort of your own home, if we were to instead focus on basic item like carpet cleaning fluid their concoction process tends to be far simpler once all has been said and is now out of the way.

The reason behind this is that a fluid that might be used during area rug cleaning near me consists of three essential elements. These elements will be all across the pH spectrum. You need something that has a pH that is lower than seven, and among your household items vinegar, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide fit the bill. You also have to add an alkaline substance, and you can use dish soap for this or alternatively baking soda if you don’t want the surfactant to create a sticky residue on the rug’s surface.

Finally, it is time to add the neutral element that brings the whole thing together, and there really is only one substance that has a pH in this range: water. Diluting the aforementioned materials in water gives you more control over them than might have been the case otherwise. Your cleaning solution will turn into a loose fluid rather than being a thick and viscous one that would not come out of the spray bottle no matter how hard you press the trigger. As you can clearly see, this recipe is so ridiculously easy that even a child could follow it.

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