Why You Should Try a Cannabis Concentrate

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Concentrates are also known by slang phrases such as wax, dabs, oil, crumble, shatter, and so on. While most concentrations require the use of a solvent, some (such as rosin) are created by applying pressure and heat to raw cannabis.

While many people are reaping the benefits of cannabis extracts, others are still apprehensive to try it. Perhaps they’re wary because a friend had a bad experience with concentrates, or they’re concerned that concentrates are more harmful than the flower. The benefits of concentrates, on the other hand, are numerous, and users should carefully balance the pros and downsides. Here are some comparisons of weed concentrates vs flower.

Quick Consumption 

Consuming concentrates is fairly practical if you have the right equipment. When people ask why I prefer cannabis concentrates, this is one of the explanations I frequently give. It’s quite simple to ingest. If you’re like me, you don’t always have time to inhale a bunch of cannabis flowers or wait for an edible to kick in.


Concentrates can last far longer than cannabis flower if you only require a small bit. Some people are surprised by the cost of cannabis concentrates per gram. Most consumers are familiar with the normal price of cannabis flowers and assume that concentrates will be priced similarly. Keep in mind that concentrates are more potent and have a longer shelf life. That’ll be reflected in the price. Depending on your intake method, concentrates will go further than cannabis flower.

Less Odour

Many individuals dislike the scent of cannabis after they’ve smoked it. If you’re a regular user, you’ve probably experienced the difficulty of smelling like marijuana after smoking. This might not bother some people. Others, however, who want to be more discreet, should use a vape pen to consume concentrates. 


Even for seasoned cannabis users, there is still a vast universe of concentrates to explore and try. You’re missing out on the best that the cannabis business has to offer if you’ve only tried cannabis flowers. Try a concentrated version of one of your favorite floral strains. You’ll be glad you did it.

When I first explored experimenting with concentrates, I was scared off by the cost of the equipment. Consuming concentrates necessitates the use of a combustion device. For a long time, these devices were prohibitively expensive. These prices have recently dropped significantly, and numerous useful technologies, such as electrical heating, have been developed.

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