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Cyber Hype 101


The cyber-hypsters can control any stock board. They appear to be10-20 or more enthusiastic stock investors. They claim to be long in that stock. They tell the Board that the share price will go to the moon.Critics of the stock are called “Bashers.” They are insulted, ridiculed andtheir issues are ignored. The cyber-hypsters post support messages to these attacks, using other names. It appears that every investor at the Boards trongly favors the stock. The critics soon shut up and move on. If the critics comments, against the stock had merit, the cyber-hypsters complain to the Board Sponsor and have the critics posted comments removed.

Now the goal is to gather pigeons to the Pump & Dump (#( P&D )#) Board.This can be done with spam. It can be done with free online investmentl etters. It can be done as an adjunct to a traditional boiler room stock promotion. It can be done with a direct mailing. What the promoters want isto put the pigeon into an environment where they are told to buy, buy and buy more of whatever worthless stock is being pumped.

Getting pigeons to the Board can be done by pooches. The Canadian word “pooch” refers to a pigeon who will help the hyster by bringing other pigeons to the slaughter. The pooch supplies friends, family, and business associates as buyers of the stock. A “pigeon” is anyone who puts their hard earned money into a stock scam.

It can be done by moving the pigeons from one Board to another Board. There are cyber-hypsters who post on all Boards spam that encourages the pigeons to subscribe to a free newsletter, visit their website or visitan other Board.

If the cyber-hypsters are working two P&Ds, they can magnify theire ffectiveness. Let’s say, the second P&D is about to be pumped (#( promote dupward )#). The cyber-hypster will post a notice at the first Board saying that P&D #2 is a great buy. They just bought say 10,000 shares of it. Few P&D #1 pigeons will buy the P&D#2 stock. However, whatever P&D#2 stock buying results helps the P&D#2 stock promotion. The real benefit is that the cyber-hypster can report that his P&D#2 stock soared and he made money.This gives him added credibility at the P&D#1 website.

The pattern is 1-3 pumps with a rearguard action to keep the share from collapsing. Most of these P&D groups have several of these stocks instates of development. For example Teflon Tony and the Cyber boys at Fantasy Land are doing a rearguard action on TMMI while planning to pump NAPH. They have a half dozen more deals in various stages of develop mentor decomposition. They are lining up more deals.

It’s my belief that the Net will be the primary method of moving share prices within the next 15 years. Today, the effectiveness of cyber-hype is overrated as are many things involved with the Internet.However, when you can SELL stock on the Net, the cyber hypsters have developed the system to sell it to the pigeons.

I think there is a better way to go public and create a strong share price. I think you can walk away with a fortune as an insider. I think everyone can win. It’s one reason that I publish EFS. However, I’m currently battling the “Dark Side of the Force.” Thus Psychology Articles, the focus in this issue on sizzle rather than steak.


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