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Actors who Went Through Massive Changes for a Single Role


Actors have countless tasks, processes, and lifestyle requirements we do not see when we watch a movie. But, did you know that they also must change their body for a specific role? Of course, this doesn’t apply to all actors and all roles, but it is still common. Here are a few celebrities that had to complete various changes in order to get a role.

Chris Hemsworth for Thor movie

One of the best-know changes an actor had to make in order to get a role is Chris Hemsworth for Thor role in the movie with the same name and Avengers. He started the change before he got the role in the first movie, simply known as Thor. For this purpose, he had to hire a trainer and also Duffy Gaver (ex-navy seal) to radically change his body. His workout was impressive and loaded with red meat, protein powder and of course heavy weights.

Duffy Gaver focuses his full attention on the shoulders and arms of the actor. Reason? These body parts appear without any clothes in the movie. However, Thor rarely appears shirtless. The result was impressive. Chris had to gain 20 pounds in order to meet the requirements and he did it perfectly. Some of you who believe that steroids did all the hard work are mistakes. He actually didn’t take a single dose!

Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club movie

This actor is one of the most popular celebrities in the world. He obviously had to adapt his body and mind for many movies. One of those movies is Dallas Buyers Club. For the role of Ron Woodroof, an AIDS patient, he had to lose 40 pounds. This isn’t drastically as other changes on the list, but it is far from an easy task. He had more changes related to his belief, opinion, and to mentally adapt himself for the role.

During the preparation, he had to be in contact with people suffering from AIDS, cancer and so much more. When it comes to the weight loss plan, he hired a nutritionist and he lost the weight needed. He was losing 3.5 pounds per week until he reached the desired number. Visit Recentjoys.com for more celebrity news.

 Christian Bale for Machinist movie

Christian Bale is another actor who had to go through intensive and complicated body change in order to get the role. He played Trevor Reznik, a person suffering from severe insomnia. As the result, he is very skinny. Bale had to lose 63 pounds in order to get the role. He started at 173 and ended at 110. This is a dramatic change. According to some experts, this is a completely unhealthy process and we all agree. He exercises daily and he drank a lot of coffee. If you want to lose weight, try the same thing.

Bale is a winning type of actor, meaning he will do everything it takes to get the role. In this case scenario, that means consuming one can of tuna and one apple per day. These are 260 calories, for the entire day! To give you a better idea, one can of tuna contains 194 calories while one apple contains 80 calories. For a proper and healthy life, you need 2000 calories per day!

Taylor Lautner for Twilight: New Moon movie

Taylor Lautner had to become a strong and massive werewolf for the Twilight movie. However, he never was a gym fanatic and he lived a casual life as a teenager. But, for this particular role, he had to gain 30 pounds of muscles only. Yes, gaining weight is simple, but gaining only muscles is far more complicated.

So, how he did that? He had to exercise every single day for one year. He obviously used professional help and he didn’t have a day off. As the result, he became one of the most desirable young actors in the world and one that is extremely popular even today. Keep in mind that he was a 140 pound teenager and take a look at him right now. He is one of the most special celebrities in the country.


Here you were able to see that celebrities do have an amazing lifestyle, but this has to change at some point. They have to be prepared to do anything and they must be prepared to shape their body as a movie requires. These were just some of the most extreme examples. Yes, there are many more and all of them are special, different, and similar at the same time


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