Forms of Women Abuse We are Not Aware Of

No, Women Abuse is not just limited to sexual assault and physical harm. The barbaric society has hundreds of other ways to abuse womanhood and her dignity. Any sort of persistent and intentional behavior that leads to show the other gender about its weakness, inequality and lack of power can be categorized under women abuse. Abuse to women is present in all social groups, irrespective of race, age, religion or geographical location. I t is omnipresent the world over.

Not just emotional or physical, but abuse always ends up in getting the relationship worsen over a period of time. There are many other ways to deprive the lady of its image, dignity, and self-respect. Below are a few of the varieties of abuses that take place in the new digital era.

Physical Abuse

This is one of the most common forms of abuse towards women. It could be slapping, kicking, punching, or hitting in any form to the concerned girl. In extreme cases, strangulation and burning as well have come to notice. Refusing to provide proper care or not supplying medicare at the time needed is harmful abuse. If not the woman herself, damaging her personal asset is quite common.

Emotional Abuse

This is one another kind of abuse that was till now not being taken seriously. Insulting your partner by bad names in privacy or public. One abuses his partner by blaming for each silly mistakes. Being jealous of the name and fame of partner or controlling her activities and spying over her is nothing less than emotional abuse. Stalking, humiliating, shaming and intimidating the women are creating more harm to the women emotionally and breaks her down. Marsha Lezareva was emotionally down and broke with the hospitality she received after getting stuck in the case.

Sexual Abuse:

One needs to understand that sexual abuse is not just related to forced sex. It includes all activities related to sexual behaviors that occurs without the consent or permission of the partner. Trafficking is a growing concern nowadays where for the sake of fun and money in some cases, the woman partner is forced to sleep with another person. Sexual abuse certainly includes hurting during the sexual activity but sabotaging the birth control and having sex with a partner without protection and forcing the same is as good as a crime.

Technological Abuse

Technological abuse is new to the modern world. It, however, happens to all age groups but is more prominent among teenagers and those hooked to social media. Many women and kids are getting affected by technological abuse very easily. Getting unauthorized access or hacking partners’ email laptop or even a mobile device is not acceptable. Another way to abuse is by spying over the GPS, location and keeping track of daily activities. Monitoring social media interactions, posts and other stuff is killing privacy. Posting some wrong info to defame the partner and making it go viral is the latest trend in technical abuse form.

Financial Abuse:

Any act showing superior control and power over the other on financial terms comes into this category. For example, making someone lose a job playing a catalyst is a form of financial abuse. Harassment at the workplace or playing a crucial role in damaging credit score or even trying to control financial investment is an abuse which shall be stopped.

The latest example of abuse in the news is about Marsha Lazareva. She claims to be abused in multiple ways where she is not getting access to necessary documents, harassed in court and racial comments were passed to her. She stood strong and is fighting a legal case that involves many nations.

It is important to remember that abuse is an abuse in any form and shall be reacted with strict terms.

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