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From Billiards to Arrest – And Beyond


It all started with a game of billiards at your local pub. When you won a match, someone else bought a round of drinks – and you are great at billiards, so there were quite a few drinks during the evening. After consuming one or two too many beers, you must have headed home and climbed onto your next-door neighbor’s house. You must have also tried to shimmy down the chimney because that is where the police found you yelling about being stuck. After the fire department extracted you from the tight space, you were immediately arrested and on your way to jail. So, what can you expect next?


After your arrest, Miranda rights, and initial questioning, you will probably find yourself placed in an area to sleep off the alcohol in your system. If this is your first arrest, you may also have your picture and fingerprints taken. You will then be asked to wait until you can meet with the judge.


There are typically three ways you can be released after your arrest. First, you can pay the Lehigh County bail bonds company the bail amount ordered by the court. Second, you can be given a notice about when to appear for a hearing, and then released. Third, you can be deemed a nuisance, and you can be released into the custody of a family member that assumes responsibility for you.


Make sure you pay attention to your hearing date and time because missing the meeting can make sure you wind up back in jail with no second chance for release. If your family paid money for your bail, they could also forfeit the total amount if you fail to make your scheduled appearance.

The legal system can be a complicated place, and it is always best to try and avoid a situation that could get you arrested. If you do find yourself under arrest, you may want to contact an attorney and keep the above three points in mind.


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