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In-Demand Fields for Expert Witnesses


Expert witnesses are an essential component of the American legal system. They are invaluable in jury trials, as they perform the necessary function of explaining technical jargon to the every day citizens selected for jury duty. This gives jurors clear insight on the evidence presented and helps ensure a fair trial with a proper verdict. Expert witnesses need to be knowledgeable, articulate, and objective. If they are successful, they can make very good money for lending their expertise for testimony. Here are some of the lines of work that are always in demand by expert witness services.


Medical professionals from doctors to nurses to pharmacists can provide great expert witness services. Diagnoses, conditions, medications, and surgical procedures all involve technical language and that the average juror would likely not understand. If you can explain what goes on in a clinic or hospital, you can testify in cases like car accidents, medical malpractice suits, or overdoses.


Many legal matters involve complex financial regulations. If you can provide expert witness services as a banker, or accountant, you can be extremely useful in trials involving fraud, embezzlement or other financial malfeasance.


Much like medicine, the field of science is extremely broad and full of terms that require at least a master’s degree to understand. Cases involving pharmaceutical intellectual property, lab research, or technological patents can be broken down by a scientific expert.


Finally, as odd as it may seem, lawyers often hire lawyers to be expert witnesses. Think of it this way: the law is broad, and a prosecutor or defense attorney may need someone with a more specialized background, or someone that is better at explaining difficult concepts than they are. Strategically, it may be more helpful for them to ask questions on the stand then simply include it in and opening or closing statement.


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