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The 3 main types of office envelope sizes & their uses

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Office communication is mainly through email these days. But still, certain documents need to be sent by courier or post. And for this, you require envelopes. Companies use different types of envelopes depending on the purpose. These envelopes come in different shapes and sizes.  Let us take a look at some of the office envelopes and their uses.

Types of office envelope sizes & their uses

  1. Cheque-size envelopes or #10 envelopes

The Cheque-size envelopes are the ones used for official communication. They carry the office correspondence as letters or documents. They get their name owing to the fact that their size is lightly larger than that of the cheque. The size of the Cheque-size envelope is usually 9.5″x 4.5″. These envelopes are also called #10 envelopes. These envelopes are slim and sleek and smartly carry your office correspondence safely by post or courier.  #10 envelopes are printed usually on 80-100 gsm paper. These envelopes can be printed on premium quality paper like sunshine paper, royal executive bond paper, crème paper, etc. Some companies have even started using recycled paper for printing these envelopes.

  1. A4 envelopes

For mailing or posting brochures, invitations, magazines or newsletters, the A4 envelopes are used. These are of size 10″x 12″.  They are ideal to carry A4-size documents without folding. These envelopes are broad and can carry the brochure or magazine without folding or crumpling them. A4 envelopes are ideal for carrying documents that need to kept straight without folding like tenders or notices. These envelopes might be printed on a thicker paper with extra grammage like 150 gsm. A3 envelopes are often printed on art cards instead of thick paper when they need to carry invitations or certificates.

  1. C5 envelopes

C5 envelopes are of the size 9″x6″. They can hold a single-folded A4 sheet. They are ideal for mailing greeting cards, catalogs, etc.

Why are envelopes so vital for office communication?

Envelopes are not just covers used to carry letters. An envelope can be much more than that. A beautifully-designed envelope can elevate your corporate status and social profile. An envelope with a creative design can increase your brand visibility because it carries your brand name and logo. Envelopes also act like ready references for sourcing your contact information. All these make envelopes indispensable at an office.

Facts to consider while printing envelopes.

  1. An envelope’s look and quality of its material and printing together create a great impact and impression on the viewer. So always ensure that you print envelopes of the bet quality.
  2. Flawless printing is what makes an envelope look elegant and professional. So, make sure that the printing is clear with no smudging or bleed. To achieve this, you must select a print supplier with good expertise in printing envelopes.
  3. Apart from the paper quality, the adhesive or sealing of an envelope also plays a major role in its efficient usage. Envelopes can be gummed, self-sealed or they may have the peel and paste option. Choose the type of sealing that fits your best according to your purpose and budget.
  4. Print envelopes in bulk to reduce the costs considerably.
  5. In an office, the most used are the #10 envelopes. So get them in bulk while printing others on an ad-hoc basis.

Among all office stationery, envelopes are most important as they act as the covers for the letters you send. They are the face of your company to the outside world. The look of an envelope reflects the personality of the company sending it. So, print your envelopes efficiently through the right supplier.


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