Where Does the Mega Rich Spend Their Billions?

Being a billionaire comes with a certain degree of living. Since a billionaire can afford to spend $80 million a year, it comes as no surprise that most of them have a portfolio of assets that only people within their elite circle can afford to own. From lavish estates to extravagant transportations, this is where the mega rich spend their billions:

Mega Mansions

There are million-dollar mansions, and then there are mega mansions. These homes are not just your ordinary sprawling real estate; they define luxury in every sense of the word. For instance, Oracle founder Larry Ellison who is an avid real estate collector owns a $200-million Japanese style compound in California.

It sits on 23 acres of land and has ten buildings, a man-made lake, a koi pond and a teahouse. Ira Rennert, on the other hand, owns the most expensive home in the US at $248 million. His Hamptons estate has 29 bedrooms, 3 swimming pools and yes, its own power plant.


Billionaires don’t just take ordinary beach vacations or go on luxury cruises. They bring their own superyachts with them on lavish escapades. The newest billionaire to join the list of superyacht owners is Dmitry Rybolovlev and his newest pride, Anna, a superyacht named after her daughter. After putting his first yacht Anna I on sale, Dmitry commissioned Feadship to build him another custom yacht measuring 110 meters and the shipyard’s largest yacht to date.

The luxury yacht meets the Lloyds Register classification standards and can accommodate up to 18 guests in its 6 cabins. Anna also boasts of zero speed stabilizers, a helipad, an on-deck Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a tender garage and a fold-out beach club. So, how much does all that luxury cost? Dmitry bought Anna for a cool $250 million and was delivered to him last October 2018.

Private Jets

Billionaires are always on the go, which is why most if not all of them have their own private jets. And for the mega rich, these jets don’t just only take them from point A to B, they also offer the best of luxury while on the sky. Roman Abramovich, the ninth richest man in Russia, owns a $170 million Boeing 767-33A named “The Bandit” because of its seemingly simple exteriors but ultra lavish interiors that include chestnut furnishings and gold décor. Of course, the US President Donald Trump won’t be left behind with his $100 million Boeing 757, which he bought from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2011. The private jet boasts of walnut tables, 24-carat seat belt buckles and a marble bathroom fitting for its famous passenger. Some billionaires also take things a little further and not only own one of those luxurious private jets but make a real airplane themselves. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, made his space dream come true by building the largest airplane in the world. Unfortunately, he will never get to see his plane take flight because he died late last year. Allen is also a known collector of vintage warplanes that he keeps in a private hangar in Washington.

Super Cars

When you have so much money to spend, you literally have endless options on the car you want to drive. While some billionaires still prefer the low key, cheaper cars, some have car collections that can send any automobile fan drooling with envy.

One of the most avid billionaire car collectors is Microsoft founder Bill Gates who owns an impressive selection of luxury rides including a rare Porsche 959 Coupe that costs $225,000. This car is so precious because there are only 230 of these models in the world. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is known to drive simple and cheap cars couldn’t help but get himself one of those powerful luxury rides. And his car of choice is no less than the Pagani Huayra, which is valued at $1.3 million.


Of course, when you have billions to spend, you can always take things on another level and buy yourself a submarine. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, for instance, bought the Lotus Esprit submarine from a James Bond movie for a cool $866,000. Richard Branson, on the other hand, has his own submarine the Necker Nymph to make exploring the sea a lot easier.

The Bottomline

Living the billionaire lifestyle definitely has its own set of standards. And when money isn’t part of the conversation, these billionaires will have no problem investing in the best things that money can buy—from their homes to their cars.