Radiation Detection

The Different Equipment of Radiation Detection and its Functions

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The measurement of radiation is need to be done continuously on the human as well as on the surroundings where the radiation-based work is going on. To measure those radiations there are various kinds of equipment will be used.  In this article let us see some of those instruments briefly.

Handheld survey meters:  This is the equipment used to measure the radiation in the surroundings and some of the examples are the Geiger Muller detector, ion chambers, and also scintillator-based detectors. This equipment will detect the radiation absorption by the surroundings and also humans too. it can able to operate a minimum of 10 mR per hour and a maximum of 1000 R per hour.

  • Standardly it is used in radiological regulatory compliance and also in nuclear facilities. The professional work knows about this equipment and is familiar with the operation.
  • The only thing is not all people can get the data quickly. Skill and training are required to operate and read the data.


Individual dosimeter: This is the type of dosimeter where that looks small and the individual will wear this to measure the radiation absorption. Most of the time passive and sometimes active dosimeters will be used as individual dosimeters. Since mostly passive dosimeters the data can be get by processing that outside the workplace and that is called a dosimeter center.  This individual dosímetro individual will possess the Thermo luminescent film, OSL also direct-ion storage to detect the radiation absorption.

  • This dosimeter should be worn by an individual in the proper place of their body and mostly it should be at the chest outside the dress. This kind of equipment will function properly and will record the dosage detail accurately as an absorption.
  • Some of the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) is allowing the device to read the data immediately after the excitation and also before the next measurement.
  • This kind of equipment is used to record the accumulated dosage detail and the exact data that can get after processing. No real-time data can be get and will not be able to warn people when it goes beyond a certain level of dosage.

Electronic personal dosimeter: This is one of the equipment under active dosimeters and when we used this can get the absorption data immediately. This device helps to warn people when they expose beyond a certain dosage when we set the limit. Most of the time the semiconductor-based equipment will be used to detect the radiation dosage.

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