Top rated testosterone booster
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Testosterone is mainly produced in the testes and influences many processes in the body:

  • the development of the male reproductive organs such as testicles and penis
  • the typical male physique with stronger muscles, deep voice and beard
  • the formation of sperm
  • the sexual interest

Testosterone drugs in old age: benefits and harm

Healthy men with age-related symptoms are getting more and more testosterone because its value is supposedly too “low”. Manufacturers advertise their products very heavily and promise more youthfulness, virility and a better and longer life. But based on the studies available, it is doubtful whether testosterone drugs can help. This is where you should look for the best testosterone booster for help. It is said that

  • Testosterone drugs do not extend life.
  • They slightly improve sexuality.
  • They do not improve physical fitness.
  • They do not improve health in old age, mental health problems, or memory.

A value between approximately 10 and 40 nmol / l can serve as an orientation for a “normal” range. However, many circumstances can affect the measured value. It is therefore important to check a value that is “too low” with a second measurement.

There are conflicting results on cardiovascular damage: some indicate an increased risk of heart attacks and vascular damage, others observe no difference.  There is no evidence that blood sugar, weight or physical condition improves in older men with diabetes or metabolic syndrome increased blood sugar, blood lipids and / or blood pressure, obesity.

The side effects of testosterone include: thickening of the blood with an increased risk of blood clots thrombosis, increased blood lipids, headaches, prostate discomfort, breast swelling, mood swings and high blood pressure. Check out the Top rated testosterone booster online now.

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