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How to Get the Most Out of Your Worker’s Compensation Claim


Sustaining injuries while at your workplace can be overwhelming. Both the short and long term impact of injuries may affect your finances significantly. Your mental health and physical health may suffer too. While worker’s compensation is available to wounded employees, unscrupulous insurance companies don’t like paying out. Therefore, you should approach a worker’s compensation claim diligently.

Report the Incident Immediately

The first step after suffering an injury is to report it. Every country has put in place some restrictions on how to do it. If you miss the deadline, you may never get compensation. That is why you should contact your workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon for guidance.

Seek Medical Treatment

Do not wait for long before going to a medical facility. Delaying treatment might result in more severe and permanent injuries. The insurer can use delayed therapy as evidence that you did not suffer harm when and where you claim to have. While at it, keep every medical document you receive because it will help strengthen the claim.

Beware Of Private Investigators

If your employer or their insurance company wants to question your credibility, they might hire a private investigator to follow you. The aim is to catch you doing anything that contradicts the claim so that they evade paying the full amount. Some go to the extent of placing surveillance cameras at your doorstep. If you think someone is following you, consult an attorney immediately.

Attend All Legal Proceedings

The aggrieved party should attend every court date or statutory meeting. If you fail to appear, you risk losing some or all of your benefits. In case you cannot show up with a valid reason, inform your lawyer in advance.

Do not lose your workers’ compensation claim or get part of what you deserve. All you need to do is to follow the tips above. In everything, remember that you should never settle for less.


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