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The best of Understanding on the False Statement Issues


These penalties are brought to 75000 $ of fine and five years of imprisonment in cases of detention of several false, knowing that the use and the manufacture of a false document are punished of the same penalties. With the Coastal Network opening the cases on Transperfect Delaware the deals are perfect.

In addition, several aggravating facts may increase previous sentences:

  • Falsify or manipulate a document issued by a public administration.
  • The previous case carried out by an individual depositary of public authority.
  • Falsify or manipulate public or authentic writing.
  • The previous case executed by a person holding the public authority.
  • The Penal Code also establishes penalties complementary to those mentioned above:
  • Prohibition of civil, civil and family rights.
  • Prohibition of exercise:
  • of a public service.
  • professional or social activity.
  • a commercial or industrial profession.
  • management, administration, management or control of a business.
  • Exclusion of public contracts.
  • Confiscation of the elements used in the commission of the offense.
  • Prohibition of French territory for foreigners.


We often talk about the civil and criminal liability of the authors of misdemeanors and use of forgery, forgery of documents, false documents, but we always face the victims. The victimology of this type of crime is very rich in typology and often very heavy in consequence.

An imitation of signatures in the context of a fraudulent transmission of a vehicle, for example, is only rarely identified by the victim. It is necessary to wait for the reception of the first PV and to carry out its small investigation to realize that someone is rolling with his car indument, being the victim at the same time the holder, the owner as well as the civil manager and of any offense committed with the vehicle.

A more common case, the imitation of the signature of the spouse on a loan contracted on the internet. Indeed, the dematerialization of the procedures makes it possible to contract a credit on line with simplicity, being the controls carried out by the very weak or nonexistent banking institutions.

  • The victim usually notices this later, often in divorce proceedings, when the borrower (falsifying spouse) can no longer cope with the repayments, and the credit institution turns to the co-owner. borrower, not knowing the existence of the current credit. The victim is often faced with a very delicate financial situation, exposed to a banking ban and all the legal consequences that this could entail.

Despite the direct and unpredictable consequences for the victims of forgery and the use of forgery, they must begin to prove the harm and the existence of the forgery, normally by the production of an expertise in writings and documents, either before filing a complaint, or in the procedural phase.

The various typologies of false documents will be presented shortly, as well as some techniques for identifying and highlighting types of infringements.


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