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How to Make the Best Use of Neon Lights for Your Business


Neon lights are considered the best marketing materials and used around the world for many purposes. They are popular because you can use them in many ways and to market your business, highlight certain sections of your business, announce new products, give directions, etc. However, just like any other marketing material, you can go wrong with neon lights as well. It is highly recommended that you pay attention to some details before you use neon lights and neon signs for advertising and marketing purposes.

One of the ways to make the best of neon lights is by combining it with another material. A neon sign on the face of your building will not look good or be visible to anyone in the day time. Combine it with some other material. If on the face of your building you have the name of the business written with wood, stainless steel, etc. you can line the letters with neon lights. This way, your sign will be visible even at night while maintaining your branding elements. When using indoors, you want to pick the neon colors wisely. You have to create contrasts that make your signs look vivid.

If your brand requires you to have a red neon sign, you can have the wall in the background in black, white, off white, or any color on which red is most visible. Sometimes, you can have the neon sign hanging from the ceiling and you let the background stay in the dark i.e. keep the lights off. This makes your sign visible and gives your place a unique atmosphere due to the spreading neon colors in the room. Last but not least, make sure the letters or the design of your logo is big enough to avoid the blending of neon colors. If the bright neon colors blend, your sign will not be vivid. People will not even be able to read what the sign says.  


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