“Just A Chip” Can Be A Big Problem

The windshield is probably the least maintained part of a vehicle, a close second to things such as bumpers. Ignoring small chips, cracks and dings can have major consequences in a wind shield later. The compromised integrity of the surface changes the aerodynamics of the glass, putting more pressure in the chipped area as the vehicle drives. No longer a smooth, uniform finish creates weaknesses and will eventually lead to large cracks across the entire area. Windshield replacement cincinnati oh is something that must not be pushed off to the side.

Repair or Replace?

With small chips in the surface, an auto glass professional can repair the damage with a type of resin that will dry and appear undamaged. However, with more severe damage the entire windshield needs to be replaced. In some areas, pitting can occur. Pitting is what happens when a cloud of sand or other small debris hits the windshield at high speeds. Similar to “sand-blasting,” tiny divots in the surface of the glass are now uniform across the entire windshield. After this type of damage occurs, when the sun hits the glass it reflects on those pits and makes visibility very difficult. This is most prevalent in areas that have sand storms or high wind.

It’s More Than the Windshield at Risk

Whether the damage was caused by the semi-truck in front of you flinging rocks and chipping the glass of your car, or mother nature’s unforgiving tantrums the damage is all the same. Hail, tree branches, and road hazards all contribute to the $13-$14 million in windshield replacements each year. The potential danger that a compromised windshield can cause is not worth saving a few dollars and ignoring the problem. In a collision, a roof can be crushed more easily if there is prior damage, because the windshield adds to the structural durability of the vehicle.

Reputable Companies Available

Doing due diligence and checking references saves heartache later. Finding the company that has a long-standing presence in the community and offers outstanding customer service is a good place to start. Additionally, a company that uses state of the art equipment is desirable. It’s always a plus to see that a company has been around for decades and contributes to local economy as well.

Choose A Company Who Stands Behind Their Work

Quality parts is also an essential step in selecting the right expert. If the auto glass company uses aftermarket parts, or ‘generic’, the quality and stability of the windshield is sub-par. OEM parts are always the best option when shopping for your vehicle. This ensures the parts fit properly, and that they are made to the highest standards directly for the make and model of your car or truck. Make sure the shop you enlist to care for your car uses quality parts and materials for the best possible outcome. Guarantees are essential when having your ‘baby’ cared for. If a company refuses to stand by their work, there is a huge red flag. If the business performs high quality repairs, there should be no question as to whether they offer a guarantee on their work. It’s like a promise to you, the customer, that “We offer excellent craftsmanship, and if something isn’t right, we make it right.”



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