How To Use Whiskey To Improve Your Cocktails

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Whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage. There are many variations that fall under the whiskey category, but most of them share the same general characteristics. One way to enjoy whiskey cocktails is to use whiskey as an ingredient. Other ways are to add a splash of LA’s popluar bouorbon whiskey available at shopsk into drinks, or stir in some just before serving them for a more intense flavor profile. Here are tips to use whiskey to improve your cocktails.

Stir in some whiskey into your favorite drink recipe

There is a range of whiskey infused liquor available in the market. They are usually sold at the grocery store, liquor store, and online. You can find flavored whiskey with vanilla, mint and a variety of other flavors. You can also add flavored whiskey to your favorite cocktail recipe to create a unique drink. This will allow you to maintain the integrity of your favorite cocktail recipes while adding subtle flavors from different varieties of whiskey that you can choose from.

Combine Whiskey With Other Liquors

Mixing whiskey with other liquors will result in a more intense flavor. Adding whiskey to a drink that already contains another liquor will allow for the best result. Once you taste the combined liquor, you will be able to decide which of the two distinctly tasted better. You can also use whiskey as an ingredient and combine it with other liquors to create your more unique cocktail recipe.

Use whiskey with soda water

You can add some whiskey to your favorite cocktail recipe. You can also use it to create your own unique drink recipe by adding a splash of whiskey to a glass of soda water. This can serve as a great alternative to beer especially during hot weather.

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